it’s 3am and i’m still wide awake idk how i’m ever gonna get back on a school schedule


fuck around i’ll introduce ya to ya ancestors


fuck around i’ll introduce ya to ya ancestors



Sometimes I forget that Julie Andrews is an actress and not the ruler of a small European principality.

wait what

Anonymous asked:
"My room looked exactly like yours. All my walls were covered in posters and I had a life size poster on my door wall. It was so embarrassing idk how I had people in my room."

literally i did not have a single person in my room besides like my family for 2 years because of my walls like dont let them know dont let them see omg


in my comix class last semester one of the prompts we received was to write a comic where you interviewed yourself and all i could think about was talking to my dead ghost about a bunch of trivial useless shit that i was destined to face in my future. the student gov at my school was nice enough to give me a grant to print it so hopefully by the end of this month i should have a couple velum printed books and i’m pretty stoked

my dad is super conservative and my brother is super liberal so u can imagine how car rides home from church are

realtalk kat from 10 things i hate about you is such an important female protagonist i think about her a lot